Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Let's Go Somewhere!

A few weeks ago, I emailed my husband and suggested we take a day trip somewhere close. As I looked over my calendar and saw weekends filling up quickly with child birth classes and work hours, I realized that our time as "just the two of us" was coming to an end quickly!

My first thought was to drive up to Bodega Bay because I don't recall ever going there (my mom corrected me-I went as a teen) and I really just wanted to spend some time staring at the ocean and walking on the beach. I got some great guidance on Facebook when I inquired about where to go and what to do but was concerned about not having enough to do so I scrapped that.

The obvious fall back was to go to San Francisco. One of my favorite places to day trip and my husband's least favorite place to go. Period. But because he is awesome and I'm pregnant and emotional, he agreed to the trip. We decided to drive in (I never do that and won't ever do it again) and spend our time near Fisherman's Wharf and Fort Mason.

  It was a perfect weather day. Almost too perfect. I would say it was 70 degrees which means it was HOT in the sun. No jacket needed and a skirt would have been more appropriate than jeans! We ate lunch at Tarantino's. We both got the chicken sandwich. At a seafood restaurant. We are SO meant to be together.

Across the street, we saw barrels of salt water taffy so obviously we had to fill up a bag. We have a history with salt water taffy that is purchased in SF. Long story short: We purchased $20 worth, tried to bring it into a Warriors game, only to be told we couldn't bring it in and had to stuff some in our pockets and toss the rest. It was a sad moment.

 Next, we trekked through Fort Mason and over to the Marina. I tried to play it off like it wasn't that long of a walk and acted like we were just wandering because I knew my husband would be like "WHERE ARE WE GOING IT IS HOT!" I was punished for playing dumb. I had to walk up a huge hill and let me tell you, I was moving SLOW. I thought I would need a push. But the view from the top and on the other side was totally worth it.

There were tons of 20-somethings out at this park playing volleyball, frisbee, and catch. Drinking beers and soaking up the wonderful January weather. January. In San Francisco. With shirtless guys and girls wearing shorts and sundresses. What is this world!?!?

Finally, we made it to the Marina and plopped down on a bench to rest. The water provided a small breeze and cooler temperatures that felt amazing. I marveled over the clear sky and quizzed my husband about what city is on the other side of the bridge (Sausalito. He needed some help).

After a few minutes, we walked back with a quick stop at Safeway to use the bathroom. We made the wrong decision on which way to drive home and it took an hour to drive 2.8 miles from Ghirardelli Square to the Bay Bridge. And another hour to get home. The $52 round trip ferry ride that I didn't want to pay for would have been worth it 45 minutes into sitting on Battery St., not moving.

Traffic issues aside, it was a really great day. I say this every time I write about going to San Francisco but I feel so lucky to have this in my backyard. We heard accents of all types while walking around and I thought "those people came all the way from Germany/China/Europe/wherever to come here" and for me, it is a short (or long) car ride/ferry ride/BART ride away.

I can't wait to take our daughter there and stroll along that very waterfront pictured above. I'll have to tell her stories about how her great grandmother worked in San Francisco and commuted from the other side of the Golden Gate to get to work each day. How we are so lucky to live close to one of the best cities in the world and how I can't wait to see her fall in love with the place like I have.

I just have to make sure her father doesn't get in her ear too much regarding his feelings!

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