Thursday, March 20, 2014

36 Weeks

Being 36 weeks pregnant means:

-If you sneeze due to seasonal allergies, you will pee a little.

-One second, you will be gasping for air (while simply lying in bed) due to the position of the baby and the next you will be squeezing your kegel muscles to avoid peeing yourself even more.

-Imagining the birth of your child on the way to work and crying in your car.

-Calling your mom and when she answers, hearing "are you in labor?!?!?"

-Purchasing Preparation H. And using it.

-Continuing to wonder if your 20 week anatomy scan was correct.

-Fearing your next doctor appointment because you really don't want to get the weight discussion from your doctor. Not this late in the game. I'M DOING MY BEST.

-Counting down the work days until you go on maternity leave. (17......or 14...or 15). I'm undecided.

-Rolling off the couch after a 30 minute feet propping session to make the swelling go down.

-Feeling like 36 weeks isn't close enough to the end but realizing that labor could realistically start anytime. Crazier things have happened!

As always, thanks for reading and following along this crazy journey with me!

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