Sunday, March 23, 2014

Packing the Hospital Bag

There are a lot of pins that come up if you search "Hospital bag" on Pinterest. A LOT. I've been wading through them for the past couple of months, trying to determine exactly what I would need for a few nights (1? 2? who knows!) away from home. We are lucky because the hospital where I plan to deliver is just 10 miles away and both sets of families are also a quick drive. If  we need anything during our stay, no doubt someone can bring it to us.

That being said, my plan was to pack light. Pinterest links think differently. Even the minimalist hospital bag lists had things that I think are strange and quite honestly a waste of time. For example, a stand up mirror: I get not wanting to look completely tore up but really?? I'm going to pack a stand up mirror in my bag??? No.

Last night, a friend that is due a few weeks after me posted on Instagram that she had her hospital bag all packed. WHAT???? I'm so behind. We don't even have a duffle bag and I will not be rolling a suitcase into labor and delivery. So I aside my day of being lazy and watching basketball and made a plan to get some things packed and out of the way.

Thank goodness we had our hospital tour yesterday and they provided us with a great pamphlet that covered several topics, including what to pack:

This is more like it. I went to Walmart this morning, picked up a duffle bag and got to work packing. So far, I've included:

-3 nursing bras
-3 loose fitting tank tops
-2 pairs of leggings 
-a t-shirt for going home (it isn't a fashion show and we live 10 minutes away)
-2 outfits for baby to go home in (a newborn and a 0-3 month)
-2 blankets
-snacks for my husband
-toiletry bag with essentials (again, if I need anything else, someone can bring it to us)

I'll have my husband pack a couple of clothing items for himself before zipping the bag up and calling it a day. I know that chargers and other things might have to be thrown in at the last minute but I think I'll put all those things close together so we can grab them in case we find ourselves in a rush! 

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