Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We are THAT family

Last Saturday, I waddled my way over to my niece Diana's first Bobby Sox game. She plays on the 8 and under team (8U as it is called). She previously played a couple seasons of t-ball and now is in the big leagues!!

The game had just gotten underway when I arrived and I quickly learned that in 8U, most of the action revolves around the pitcher and the catcher. Not many other people in the field see a lot of contact with the ball.

Many (most) of the girls struck out or were walked. I admire those that swing the bat-it is more fun that way! I've struck out in slow pitch co-ed softball just because I felt like if I swing the bat, at least I'm trying to hit it. Diana's first at bat went down that way but she looked so adorable doing it! When she was on defense, she assumed the "ready for the ball" stance the entire inning. Future Golden Glove winner for sure.

My feet were starting to swell so I moved to a bench to sit down. This didn't provide the best view due to being blocked by the dugout but I needed to sit down. My family ended up stationing themselves there for Diana's next at bat. We could see her at home plate as we cheered her on.

And she hit the ball. She hit the ball straight up in the air and ran. She ran to first base and was safe.

And that is when we became "that family." That family that literally jumps up and down, clapping and high fiving because our little girl got a hit. PEOPLE: there were only 1-2 other hits up to this point and Diana got a hit. And got on base. We were so excited. Actually, that is an understatement. We were beyond thrilled. I saw some other parents sitting in the stands, looking our way and smiling while probably thinking how dorky we were.

The fun didn't end there. Diana got to second, third and eventually scored a run for her team. I'm not sure she quite understood the impact that this had on us because her calm, cool, collected face was very much in tact but it was the highlight of my Saturday.

I think for her, the highlight was the shave ice she received from her mom when the game was over.

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