Thursday, March 27, 2014

37 Weeks

Still not close enough.

In the past week, I've started to transition from "x number of weeks left" to "x + 1 number of weeks left." This is mainly because a lady in the waiting room at my doctor appointment on Tuesday told the receptionist that her daughter was 11 days overdue with her first.

Hence my shift in thinking. My boss suggested counting down the days until I go on maternity leave and I like that idea. I'm hoping I don't spend too much of the beginning of my leave without a baby but I'm going to appreciate that time off and soak it all in.

Some other updates:

-Upon texting my sister yesterday, she replied "Please do not text me unless you are going to the hospital." The demands!!!

-Baby is head down! That explains a lot.

-I fell asleep on the couch at 6:15 last night and could have easily called it a night. I decided to wait until 7:00 to move into bed and didn't actually go to sleep until 8:00. This is like first trimester exhaustion all over again. Luckily, I can make it through the day with no problem.

-I'm said my first early goodbye to a group of wonderful 6th graders yesterday and got very emotional. I cried when I got into my car to leave the school. The next week will be quite emotional and I'm not sure why! I say goodbye to students each and every school year but there is something about leaving before the school year ends that feels out of place. I'll put some tissue in my car for sure!

-My doctor told me that I am having a textbook pregnancy and I didn't even get a lecture on my weight. Apparently, she has given up on me. I've gained 40 pounds and I can't wait to get it off.

Some images that rocked my world this morning:

Cuddles with Kitty before leaving for work. 

Yup, watermelon sounds/feels about right

Thanks. So the baby continues to grow but its house will not. POOR BABY!!!!

Here is hoping I make it to week 38.......

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My favorite part of being married is chatting with my husband. I adore that time together.

In my "must get to the gym days", I would rush out of the door, work out, get home, shower, eat dinner and before I knew it, it was nearly time for bed. There wasn't a lot of down time to just talk. I longed for a day when I would decide that it was a rest day and I would get home at 4:15 and do whatever I wanted to do.

But my favorite thing would be to sit on our bed together and just talk about our days. The mundane, the exciting. Whatever it was-it was nice to just chat.

Earlier this week, we had a great chat. In between the hilarious story my husband was telling me, we would stare at my stomach as our daughter thrashed around, visible from the outside. She obviously enjoyed his story telling. Maybe it was all the laughing I was doing.

I love that after 10 years together, there are still stories I have never heard. 10 years of chats that can be easily forgotten but that make me happy to have such an amazing partner in this life.

Soon our chats will change topics. Our lives will be consumed with our baby and that is okay. As long as we still find time for chats, I will be happy.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Packing the Hospital Bag

There are a lot of pins that come up if you search "Hospital bag" on Pinterest. A LOT. I've been wading through them for the past couple of months, trying to determine exactly what I would need for a few nights (1? 2? who knows!) away from home. We are lucky because the hospital where I plan to deliver is just 10 miles away and both sets of families are also a quick drive. If  we need anything during our stay, no doubt someone can bring it to us.

That being said, my plan was to pack light. Pinterest links think differently. Even the minimalist hospital bag lists had things that I think are strange and quite honestly a waste of time. For example, a stand up mirror: I get not wanting to look completely tore up but really?? I'm going to pack a stand up mirror in my bag??? No.

Last night, a friend that is due a few weeks after me posted on Instagram that she had her hospital bag all packed. WHAT???? I'm so behind. We don't even have a duffle bag and I will not be rolling a suitcase into labor and delivery. So I aside my day of being lazy and watching basketball and made a plan to get some things packed and out of the way.

Thank goodness we had our hospital tour yesterday and they provided us with a great pamphlet that covered several topics, including what to pack:

This is more like it. I went to Walmart this morning, picked up a duffle bag and got to work packing. So far, I've included:

-3 nursing bras
-3 loose fitting tank tops
-2 pairs of leggings 
-a t-shirt for going home (it isn't a fashion show and we live 10 minutes away)
-2 outfits for baby to go home in (a newborn and a 0-3 month)
-2 blankets
-snacks for my husband
-toiletry bag with essentials (again, if I need anything else, someone can bring it to us)

I'll have my husband pack a couple of clothing items for himself before zipping the bag up and calling it a day. I know that chargers and other things might have to be thrown in at the last minute but I think I'll put all those things close together so we can grab them in case we find ourselves in a rush! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

36 Weeks

Being 36 weeks pregnant means:

-If you sneeze due to seasonal allergies, you will pee a little.

-One second, you will be gasping for air (while simply lying in bed) due to the position of the baby and the next you will be squeezing your kegel muscles to avoid peeing yourself even more.

-Imagining the birth of your child on the way to work and crying in your car.

-Calling your mom and when she answers, hearing "are you in labor?!?!?"

-Purchasing Preparation H. And using it.

-Continuing to wonder if your 20 week anatomy scan was correct.

-Fearing your next doctor appointment because you really don't want to get the weight discussion from your doctor. Not this late in the game. I'M DOING MY BEST.

-Counting down the work days until you go on maternity leave. (17......or 14...or 15). I'm undecided.

-Rolling off the couch after a 30 minute feet propping session to make the swelling go down.

-Feeling like 36 weeks isn't close enough to the end but realizing that labor could realistically start anytime. Crazier things have happened!

As always, thanks for reading and following along this crazy journey with me!

Monday, March 17, 2014

What Will They Say?

I attended a beautiful memorial yesterday for my Uncle Miles. He passed away last month. He would have celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to my Aunt in July.

50 years.

There were various people that spoke about him during the memorial. His brother, a friend from college, a firefighter that knew him from church. My Aunt wanted people to get a sense of his life from childhood into his adult life. Mission Accomplished.

I don't see this branch of my family much so my knowledge of Miles wasn't vast. I learned a lot about him yesterday and many of those things left a smile on my face. I knew he was a man of faith, above all. I knew he had a landscaping business. I knew he was passionate and head strong mostly because he passed those traits onto his daughters.

As family and friends gave their tributes to him, I got lost in my own thoughts regarding what is said about people after they pass away. In most circumstances, the best features of a person's personality and life story are put on display. Sure, we all have demons. No one is perfect and obviously, their memorial isn't the time nor the place to speak about that.

But the thing that stood out to me was how generous Miles was. How he once picked up hitchhikers, took them to church, paid for their breakfast and drove them hundreds of miles away to their desired destination. Aside from the obvious that picking up hitchhikers is a bad idea, this was the example of the type of man he was.

I hope my life story continues for several decades. I hope I can accomplish important feats in my work life. I hope I successfully raise a child to be kind, loving and fun. I hope my marriage thrives year after year. But mostly, I hope I can think outside of myself more often. Not so at my memorial there are kind words spoken about me but because it is the right thing to do. Because I want to be the kind of person that sleeps peacefully at night knowing that I gave it my all that day and that maybe, just maybe, I helped someone or made someone's day brighter.

It is funny how the death of someone sparks life in people. It makes us reevaluate our lives and the people we want to be, the relationships we want to keep and the improvements we strive to make.

I believe a good reminder to do the right thing, the kind thing, throughout our lives is to ask, "what will they say about me" when my time comes to transition from this life.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

35 weeks-35 days

Big week, people!!! I am 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days from my due date.

COMMENCE FREAK OUT. I also have a car seat in the back seat of my vehicle. And, nearly everyday this week, Julia has received presents from friends and coworkers. It will be a sad day when I don't walk to my desk and see a gift sitting there. Guess I'll just have to get pregnant again right away. LOLzzzzz. Totes kidding.

As I near the end of this out of this world experience, I find myself focusing on two things:

1. How and when and where my labor will start.
2. How and when and where I will learn how the hell to care for a newborn.

Notice something missing? The actual labor and delivery. It isn't even on my mind. Is it smart to block it out? I know it has to happen. I know it is going to be challenging, painful and trying. I know I will cry and be tired and it will all end with this intense amount of love and joy but I can not get myself to plan for it.  I can't even get myself to the point where I think about it. LAH LAH LAH CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!

In thinking back to the past, I pulled up some blog posts that I never published from August and September when I was still in secret mode. I wrote this one on August 2nd, the day I took the pregnancy tests that would change my life.......

Today (August 2, 2013), I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. In fact, I took 2. They were both positive. I have never seen a positive pregnancy test. I've taken them even when I knew they wouldn't be positive.

When I took the first one and saw those two lines, I cried. Hard. I called my husband in disbelief. We decided that I should take another test, a digital test, to make sure this was real.

I chugged a lot of water and waited. And waited. I casually strolled to the bathroom (yes, this was all at work) and took the test. I moved away from the stick. I didn't want to be near it. I leaned over it as if my horrible eyes could make out the answer. I had to get close.

I got close. And I saw a "yes+." I smiled. I grabbed the test, washed my hands and ran downstairs to call my husband. It was real. It was true.

I am pregnant.

That day in August now seems like a lifetime ago. The progression that has occurred in our lives since that day is surreal. Everything has transformed into something new. And in a few weeks, the full transformation will be complete and life as we know it will never be the same.

Thank goodness.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We are THAT family

Last Saturday, I waddled my way over to my niece Diana's first Bobby Sox game. She plays on the 8 and under team (8U as it is called). She previously played a couple seasons of t-ball and now is in the big leagues!!

The game had just gotten underway when I arrived and I quickly learned that in 8U, most of the action revolves around the pitcher and the catcher. Not many other people in the field see a lot of contact with the ball.

Many (most) of the girls struck out or were walked. I admire those that swing the bat-it is more fun that way! I've struck out in slow pitch co-ed softball just because I felt like if I swing the bat, at least I'm trying to hit it. Diana's first at bat went down that way but she looked so adorable doing it! When she was on defense, she assumed the "ready for the ball" stance the entire inning. Future Golden Glove winner for sure.

My feet were starting to swell so I moved to a bench to sit down. This didn't provide the best view due to being blocked by the dugout but I needed to sit down. My family ended up stationing themselves there for Diana's next at bat. We could see her at home plate as we cheered her on.

And she hit the ball. She hit the ball straight up in the air and ran. She ran to first base and was safe.

And that is when we became "that family." That family that literally jumps up and down, clapping and high fiving because our little girl got a hit. PEOPLE: there were only 1-2 other hits up to this point and Diana got a hit. And got on base. We were so excited. Actually, that is an understatement. We were beyond thrilled. I saw some other parents sitting in the stands, looking our way and smiling while probably thinking how dorky we were.

The fun didn't end there. Diana got to second, third and eventually scored a run for her team. I'm not sure she quite understood the impact that this had on us because her calm, cool, collected face was very much in tact but it was the highlight of my Saturday.

I think for her, the highlight was the shave ice she received from her mom when the game was over.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

JMD's Nursery

Nursery prep officially started when we found out we were having a girl. Before that, the room was a crap collector/secondary tv room. Chris painted the walls a little over a year ago, when our hope of having a child was at an all-time low. Isn't time amazing?

 Here is Julia's room:

Closet built-in's done by Chris, his dad and brother over one long weekend. It looks just like the picture I found on Pinterest. Curtain fabric from Joanne's and sewed by Chris' mom. It's a family affair!

Wood floors installed by Chris. 

Ikea dresser put together by me back when I could bend over easily. It took me about 3.5 hours total.

Letter "J" and frame are from Michaels. Chris painted it pink, the same color as the inside of the closet.
All framed art is from various Etsy sellers. 
All sellers were FANTASTIC. Great quality. Timely delivery.

On the left is a piece of fabric that I really liked but not enough to make it a huge centerpiece in the room.

Glass containers are from Home Goods as are the wooden blocks.

Storkcraft Glider
Rug from Pottery Barn Kids (on sale!)

Crib is Graco Lauren. Still waiting to frame and hang a special print above the crib that Chris purchased for the room. 

Ikea spice racks as book shelves. Art work from TrafalgarsSquare

Swaddled Cabbage Patch Kid. I need to practice!

This child already has more clothes than I do. Overwhelming to say the least. 

This dresser has enough drawers that for now, I can arrange each size category by drawer. 

Kitty sighting!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


For months, we have known that our child's initials would be "JMD." We knew what the "M" was for and obviously the "D" as well.

That "J" was yet to be determined. We had two names that we liked. We eliminated all others. We were so confident in our choices that I purchased a stocking at Christmas with the letter "J" and purchased a wooden letter "J" to hang on her nursery wall.

But I couldn't make a decision. One name stood out and seemed to be our favorite until I insisted that we have two choices. What was I thinking? My husband mentioned a name that I had suggested a while ago but he originally vetoed so I moved on. Now it was back and I had a very hard time figuring out which I liked more.

I believe it was over Christmas break that I sent him a text while I was at the gym. I said we should go with Name #1. He said no, it is too soon to decide. Let's wait. I had no problem with waiting until she was born and in my arms. Waiting until I saw her face and looked into her eyes. I never understood naming a person you had never met!

Then came Saturday night. We stood in her nursery and looked at the blocks I had used to spell out both name choices. I was scared to bring it up. Naming her made this all very, very real and time was just moving so quickly. But there was one name that I couldn't get off my mind. It was the right choice. I knew Chris liked it the most, as he referred to her using that name in a text earlier in the day.

It was time to name our daughter. It was time to think of her as a person with a name and not just a nickname. It was time to share with our family and friends who have been asking.

 Did you know The Beatles (my favorite) have a song named Julia? Just like they have a song named Michelle.
I've always liked to pretend my parents named me after that song and now, my daughter can do the same.

Her middle name, Mary,  is my middle name, my grandma's name and the name of Chris' favorite aunt. 

I'm 34 weeks pregnant today. Trying to take in each and every moment of this pregnancy and life without a baby before everything changes. 

We can't wait to meet our Julia.