Friday, June 12, 2015

Love Letter

I cradled you in my arms after a long day of playing at school and at home. You explore so well. You are wonderfully curious. It is a quality we never want to stifle.

You grabbed at my ears. It is always the ears. When I grabbed back at yours, you smiled and giggled through the pacifier you were holding hostage in your mouth. Your eyes were heavy but still full of life, fighting off the exhaustion of a busy day.

I put you down to wander around the room only to find you back in my arms a short time later. This time, my nose is the object of your interest. You grab it and I grab yours back. Cute as a button, that tiny little sniffer on your face.

I shift you onto my lap and you pull at your feet. They are chubby and wonderful. I run my fingers across your toes and clap and rub the soles together. I remark to your dad how amazingly small your feet are and how I find it impossible to imagine them every being bigger. Those tiny, smooth heels with no wear and tear damage.

I cradle you again and I recap your day. Water play and naps. Snacks and lunch. Sitting in the garage together. Watching dad mow the lawn. Seeing the neighbors new baby. She is so tiny. You were never that small, were you?

I tell you what tomorrow will hold. Long naps for Grandma to catch up on your sleep. Probably a lot of inside play due to 100 degree weather. Reading books and crawling through the fun tunnel your Aunt gave you.

You take a bath and get comfortable in your pajamas. You are ready for bed but aren't quite done exploring around the house yet. Your eyes remain heavy and your voice begins to whimper and whine. It is now time for bed. You wave goodbye while grabbing at your bottle. You disappear up the stairs and the day is done.

Until tomorrow, my love. When we do it all over again. The greatest pleasure in my life is being your mom. Thank you for being you. Incredible Julia.